Keeping Clear on Blank Sailings

Initially, analysts predicted that blanked sailings would subside after Lunar New Year, but new predictions push the slump past the Spring Festival and well into the end of the first quarter before improving. Vessel sharing alliances have blanked more than 27% of their sailings connected to Asia, prompting shippers who are concerned about inventory to

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Lunar New Year 2023: Bring in the Bounty

As Lunar New Year approaches, the logistics industry is feeling the crunch! The demand for transportation services spikes as businesses rush to ensure that their products are ready for the two-week shutdown in observance of the Spring Festival. Companies must act fast and confirm they have the resources necessary to meet this sudden surge in

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A Calming Ocean Market Roils with Concern

Ocean Markets Roiling

The FMC is working hard to keep carriers accountable as investigations into retaliation and discrimination against shippers who reported fee and demurrage charges that were erroneously applied. Hot on the heels of the news that ocean market rates are dropping, causing contract rates to become much higher than the spot market, the FMC’s look into

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Market Share Loss: West Coast Imports Moving East

West coast ports have lost market share to east coast ports as many took the congestion earlier this year at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach as a sign to move their voyages to arrive on the opposite side of the country. Concerns are now being raised, as the west coast sees a

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Uncertainty in China: COVID Lockdowns

China on Lockdown

After a tragic fire killed ten people in Urumqi, China when lockdown protocols trapped residents in the blaze, protestors are gathering in acts of civil disobedience against the government and their strict lockdown measures. Outbreaks in Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan and Chengdu have resulted in renewed efforts to restrict movement in the country both to curb

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Rail Union Strike: Down the Line

Rail Strike Looms

The Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen’s union has voted against the National Tentative Agreement, becoming the second union to say no to the contract proposed in September after a lengthy negotiation that required the Presidential Advisory Board to step in and urge both sides to come together. Unfortunately, despite that intervention, the issues regarding sick time,

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Carrier service cuts amid lockdowns

Lockdown Empties

Anxious to hold onto the profits and control they had during the pandemic, carriers are struggling to amend capacity and availability to keep rates up as demand flops worldwide. Coupled with new lockdowns coming from China’s zero-COVID policy in Ningbo, Shanghai, and Tianjin, there could be more cuts coming in addition to the issues that

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Coppersmith attends WESCCON 2022: Key Takeaways


Executive Vice President Bud Coppersmith, Vice President of Corporate Compliance and Portland Branch Manager Victoria Lane and Director of Operations Tom Scott attended the annual WESCCON conference of west coast customs brokers and freight forwarders in San Diego, California, earlier this month.   WESCCON is an opportunity for logistics companies doing business anywhere along the

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Ocean Cargo Carriers Going Airborne

After the booming ocean cargo season that turned a sprinkle of profit into a firehose, any slowdown will feel like the world is ending for ocean carriers. So to maintain their success, some of the biggest ocean carriers are announcing an air cargo arm to bolster their service offerings and offset the reduction in ocean

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Railroad Worries: Strike on the Horizon

Railroad labor negotiations are coming to the end of a thirty-day cooling-off period this Friday, September 16th which means a strike is possible. While many Class 1 railroads prepare for the possibility of a work stoppage, many have started placing embargoes on cargo that is time- or security-sensitive or hazardous. While the government has made

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