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Coppersmith Global Logistics invites all importers and trade stakeholders to participate in the public comment period announced in the Federal Registry. The notice requests comments on proposed modifications and machinery exclusion processes related to the Section 301 investigation of China’s Acts, Policies, and Practices Related to Technology Transfer, Intellectual Property, and Innovation. 

The review of the actions, which were announced to continue beyond their four-year anniversary dates, includes proposed modifications involving ad valorem rates of duty for certain Chinese products in strategic sectors. Additionally, the U.S. Trade Representative is proposing an exclusion process for specific machinery used in domestic manufacturing. 

Interested parties may request temporary exclusions from the tariffs for these products. The notice also mentions 19 temporary exclusions proposed for certain solar manufacturing equipment.

This is a crucial opportunity for the logistics community to voice their opinions on tariffs and exclusions. We urge all interested parties to submit their comments through the online portal provided by June 28, 2024. The public comments will help inform the U.S. Trade Representative’s decision-making process. Your input is vital in shaping trade policies and ensuring that the interests of importers, shippers, and domestic manufacturers are considered.

We encourage all stakeholders to take advantage of this opportunity and make their voices heard. Comments can influence the outcome of these proposed modifications and exclusion processes. Let’s work together to ensure that the trade policies reflect the industry. Participation is essential, and we are here to help ensure all valuable input gets heard

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