No one can surely predict the future. But we can protect it.

When merchandise is imported into the United States, the rules and regulations of CTP must be followed. This is to protect the United States' revenue and guarantee compliance with regulations. CTP requires all imports to be covered by a Customs Bond issued by a valid Surety in an amount that will cover the duties and fees due the government. Customs bonds are not insurance and do not protect or relieve an importer of obligations to pay duties or comply with regulations.

Continuous Bond

-A Continuous Transaction Bond (CTB), also known as an Annual Bond, covers your duties and fees for all your shipments imported in one year. The amount of the bond is determined by the amount of duties estimated to be imported nationwide in the coming year.
-CTB are based on their coverage amount starting at $50,000 minimum bond.
-This bond amount may need to be changed as your business grows.
-Bonds over $300,000 coverage require proof of financial stability and often collateral provided to the Surety.
-CTB also cover Import Security Filing (ISF) bond requirements

Single Transaction

-If you are only shipping occasionally a Single Transaction Bond (STB) may work for you.
-Only covers duties and fees for a single import shipment at a cost based on your estimated duties.
-Does not eliminate the need for an ISF bond

Why Insure?

  • Shipments in transit are subjected to numerous perils.
  • Goods may be damaged in a storm or fire, stolen, etc.
  • Estimates of cargo theft in the United States range from $25-$50 billion annually.

Why Not Insure?

In the recent month and years, we’ve seen an uptick in vessel issues. Whether it be because of a fire on board, stuck in the Suez Canal, or other vessel and aircraft issues.

  • All Risk Coverage covers the costs of your goods and freight plus 10% from all perils from port to warehouse
  • Free of Particular Average (FPA) offers limited protection for a lower cost. Including collision, sinking, General Average, fire, and total loss.*

*Ask us about specific coverages and costs

Carrier Liability

Getting payments directly from the carriers is very difficult. They only pay if they directly cause damage or loss. Even if they are directly liable, recovery is limited to $500 per customary freight unit. Depending on how the paperwork is completed, it could mean per container or pallet.

Domestic road carriers limit their liability to $0.50 per pound or $50 per shipment.