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Dear Valued Customer

Our industry continues to evolve and as your trusted logistics provider, Coppersmith has consistently provided services to make your transportation and Customs clearance services easier. Today, we are faced with never seen before freight rates, surcharges, delays, space limitations, tariffs and supply chain disruptions. These challenges have put a strain on all customers, which in turn has resulted in customers looking to Coppersmith to act as a financial institution rather than our rightful position of freight forwarder and Customs brokerage Service Provider.

We must again reiterate our monetary policies for our customers:

Freight Payments to Carriers:

  • Customers should pay freight charges directly to the carrier electronically via Carrier’s website or PayCargo.  Please ask our customer service professional for this information.*exception for routed cargo

Government Duties:

  • Customers should pay their duties and taxes directly to CBP by ACH.
  • Duties are due to CBP within 10 days of entry release.
  • Customers can apply for an ACH/PMS account with CBP to delay direct duty payments to a monthly basis.  Ask for an application today!

Advances and Outlays:

  • Advance Fees will be billed at a percentage of the outlay (including freight, duty, terminal charges, examinations, demurrage/detention, trucking, inland, delivery, etc.)

Payment of Invoices

  • Payments must be made to Coppersmith by ACH, wire transfer, or credit card (fees apply)
  • Terms for our services are Due Upon Presentation and are considered delinquent after 30 days
  • Interest fees of 3% per month will be applied to delinquent balances
  • Previously agreed upon terms still apply

We appreciate your business.  Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Sincerely Chief Financial Officer,
Jim Rowley