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Specializing in Family Reunions

Coppersmith knows how important your pets are to you; they’re family. That’s why we take extra care in making sure these precious cargo are processed as efficiently as possible. Our knowledgeable staff nationwide understands the need for accurate documentation to be filed with the many government agencies that oversee the safe importation of live animals. We can handle your furry friends at all ports of entry with a CDC officer on site, from any of our nine U.S. Regional offices. We work closely with the overseas agents, the airlines, and the terminal handlers, to assure that your pet gets home to you as soon as possible.


Coppersmith works with all major airlines and is the contracted Customs Broker for American Airlines for their PetEmbark program.


REMINDER: USDA requires resellers of dogs to complete Live Dog Import Permit under the Animal Welfare Act.

International Pet and Animal Transport Association Members

Coppersmith are also proud members of the International Pet and Animal Transport Association (IPATA) and one of but a few authorized Customs brokers or freight forwarders who are able to help pet shippers clear their animals through the appropriate U.S. regulatory agencies.


What your Dog Needs to Enter the United States

CDC is extending its temporary suspension of dog importation from high-risk dog rabies countries until July 31, 2024.

This suspension includes dogs arriving from countries without high risk of rabies if the dogs have been in a high-risk country in the past 6 months. Learn about the current rules.

Coppersmith has the Expertise

Different species of animals require different clearance procedures. Are veterinary certificates required? Are their shots current? Does my pet require quarantine? If so, how long? These are just a few of the many questions we answer before your pet is tendered to an airline for transport. Once we confirm that everything is in good order, then preparations begin.

Advanced Notification Systems

Coppersmith uses advanced notification from overseas agents and airlines prior to an animal’s arrival. We submit the documents to Customs while in transit, ensuring all relevant agencies are ready to act upon their arrival. By monitoring the trip and travel for your pet, we attempt to minimize delays, reducing stress for you and your animal.

Decades of Experience in Live Animal Shipments

By remaining current on the regulations surrounding the entry of animals into the United States, we take preventative steps to avoid delays after arrival.

Our goal is safe and secure transit of your pet and those caring for, traveling with, and handling them. From climate monitoring to quarantine, live animal shipments are complex and require care and attention from everyone involved. Our decades of regular handling live animals means we are familiar with the relevant regulations governing live animal shipments. Coppersmith works diligently to ensure the safety and health of your animals in transit.

Your Pets are Your Family

Your pets are your family, just as Coppersmith’s customers are our family. We treat every live animal shipment with care and consideration, taking transit, delivery, release, documentation and compliance very seriously. We understand that any single hiccup in the journey could be stressful for your animal and you so we rely on our decades of experience to ensure a smooth, gentle trip. Animals are a loving and important part of our lives. Coppersmith understands how much they mean to you and we do our best to facilitate that family reunion as though they are our own.

woman in gray jacket carrying white cat

On behalf of a grateful nation,

A reunion in honor of a fallen hero.

Because pets are a Coppersmith specialty, there are no shortage of heartwarming stories about their travels in our office. Most of us agree, the story of Beau is our favorite. He was a retiring soldier, headed home after his last tour overseas assisting our brave military with detection services and had earned a much needed break. As we reunite pets and families so often, Beau didn’t seem much different than our normal canine cargo, until his new family arrived to recover him.
His new family was the family of his handler who didn’t make it home.
They chose to honor the life of their soldier by giving Beau the comfort and love that his handler requested should anything ever happen to him. Watching that healing moment when the two came together to honor a fallen hero made every shipment, from that day forward, one of Coppersmith’s most important missions.