Sit, Stay, Suspend: CDC Canine Update

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The CDC announced that starting on July 14, 2021, a temporary suspension will be imposed on the importation of dogs from the countries that the CDC classifies as high risk for rabies in canines. Published on June 16th in the Federal Register, the suspension comes after more than 450 dogs arrived in 2020 with incomplete, inadequate, or otherwise fraudulent rabies vaccination documentation. Those dogs were refused entry and returned to their country of origin, however the lack of capacity and limited flights during the pandemic, some of the animals were housed in less than ideal conditions. A list of the high-risk countries is available here. 

Though the suspension is temporary, it applies to all canines from high-risk countries including emotional support animals, dogs that are from the United States but traveled out of the US to a high-risk country, and puppies under 14 weeks old, which is too young for the vaccine. Advanced written approval from the CDC is available during the suspension but no approvals will be granted upon arrival. Here’s the CDC’s list of requirements to apply for an import license from a high-risk area. Any approved pets will be required to enter the US via JFK Airport in New York. Coppersmith’s New York office is happy to help.

At Coppersmith, we understand that dogs are like family and it’s our goal to treat them with the utmost care in transit. We treat all live cargo with the same consideration we’d give to our own family and work to ensure that your pup is processed through the governmental authorities in the most efficient way possible. 

International travel is a stress on both the animal and owner, so delays in the release of a loved one or the worst-case scenario of a return overseas for a paperwork discrepancy is unthinkable to us. We work closely with the importer to assure all information is correct and complete prior to loading, then electronically file for release before your pet even arrives. 

If you need guidance or advocacy regarding the importation of a canine from overseas, your Coppersmith representative is ready to assist you with the process. This is our expertise and we’re ready to bring your family together with your pets.