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Food & Seafood

Coppersmith understands the cyclical nature of the seafood market and works hard to make sure all of the frozen and fresh fish we ship is temperature controlled for the freshest delivery with the longest shelf life. We service markets and maintain relationships with strategic partners around the world to ensure we are at the pinnacle of knowledge to bring only the highest quality seafood to your table.

As a world-wide cargo, seafood shipments have exacting standards for quality and documentation and we treat even the most common tilapia filet as though it’s a critical Valentine’s day lobster. Don’t let your seafood shipment make you crabby. Coppersmith’s world class team of experts can demystify the experience and answer all of your fishiest questions.

Food shipments are unique in so many ways, which is why Coppersmith’s dedication to compliance and years of experience has become an expert in the field. From fresh and frozen, to low acid canned and bulk packed bags, we have seen it all and understand the various governmental requirements. Foodstuffs require that both foreign suppliers and importers to be registered with the Food and Drug Administration. Sourcing, processing, packaging, and labeling, all must be appropriately documented to satisfy the FDA, USDA, CBP and often other governmental regulations. Timely filing and constant follow up of examinations and product sampling are everyday events that separate us from our competitors and help to keep our customers from government detention, penalties, and lost sales. The U.S. government takes food security very seriously and so do we, which means you are in good hands when it comes to your stomach.

Coppersmith uses our working knowledge of seafood markets all over the world to make sure every frozen and fresh-caught fish we ship is maintained at the perfect temperature throughout its journey to give our customers the freshest delivery without the worry of temperature excursions.

Since 1948 the Coppersmith tradition of personalized service continues to put our customers first!