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Fireworks is an exciting industry that Coppersmith is proud to be affiliated with.

Once thought to be a seasonal industry in the U.S., fireworks are not just for Independence Day celebrations any longer.  Road-side stands along the highways are still visible during the 4th of July holidays but many importers have seen enough interest in fireworks consumption at any time of the year to invest in brick and mortar stores open to the public year-round.  Many distributors and importers are seeing increased sales demand of fireworks for New Year’s Day and other celebrations or competitions year-round causing us to see a distinct rise in fireworks imports from August through December and again after Chinese New Year in early March through May. Coppersmith is pleased and proud to be a part of this great American Heritage!

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Our involvement in professional associations and long history working with the regulatory bodies such as the ATF and DOT helps us promote the goals of safety, caution and compliance while increasing our visibility to the membership of what we have to offer.

Since 1948 the Coppersmith tradition of personalized service continues to put our customers first!