From a single carton shipment to complete project management.

Coppersmith offers innovative export solutions. We have a long-developed network of overseas agents who represent the interests of our customers. We have rates on ocean carriers across the three major alliances as well as contract rates with airlines to key global destinations. By utilizing these partnerships, we can offer a variety of services ranging from delivery to the airport, seaport or paid to the door. Using electronic documentation with airlines, carriers and shippers, clerical errors are reduced to near zero. Information sharing with the destination consignee and agent further reduces the chance of cargo delays. We can negotiate and book directly with any carrier, offering rates, transit time and handling, meeting the needs of the cargo and consignee.

Coppersmith are a licensed NVOCC by the Federal Maritime Commission as L.E. Coppersmith Inc., dba Adrienne Shipping Line, OTI licensed number 000234N/F.


Standard? Expedited? Just-in-time? Factory shutdown imminent? Different shipments regardless of modality have different transit time demands. Coppersmith works backwards from the arrival deadline and partners with exporters to select the right mode, route and carrier. Electronic documentation from shippers allows Coppersmith to more quickly process a transaction and move the information forward rapidly to airlines and steamship lines.


Exporters must report their shipments to the U.S. government and failing to do so properly can lead to delays, penalties or both. As important as importers correctly filing an entry, so too is the Electronic Export Information filing to the Census Department. Coupled with pre-departure filings required by domestic or foreign governments and agencies, the work begins long before a plane's departure or the container's loading. Trust Coppersmith to keep your exports in compliance.


No two shipments, no two customers, carriers or countries are the same. Coppersmith has over seventy-five of experience advising exporters. Whether you need one single urgent carton, or you have an entire plant, factory or years-long project to manage, Coppersmith offers the security of our expertise and experience. By honing your supply chain to reduce waste and errors, we keep you moving when other cargo is stuck. With worldwide partnerships and agents, we offer cost and time saving solutions for even your most complicated cargo.
documentationElectronic documentation saves you time and money by reducing errors. Take the first step towards efficiency with Coppersmith guiding you.
75+Air, ocean, rail or truck, Coppersmith has more than seventy-five years experience exporting cargo from the United States worldwide.
Coppersmith Green GlobeBy maintaining strategic partnerships overseas, we make every effort to prevent your exports from being delayed in transit.

Since 1948 the Coppersmith tradition of personalized service continues to put our customers first!

Quick thinking thwarts slow moving vessels!

A mid-shipment intervention saved the day and prevented a shutdown.

When the shipment was booked, it was a container of goods destined to be inventoried for manufacturing overseas. As such, Coppersmith selected a service that saved the client money, but was longer in transit. While on the water, the factory at destination experienced an accident, escalating the urgency for the goods to be delivered as quickly as possible.

The container was scheduled to be transshipped and when the vessel arrived in port, Coppersmith worked with the carrier and our partner in that intermediate country to take possession of the container and move it by air to the destination, shaving weeks off the anticipated arrival time and avoiding a shutdown. It was an exercise in how our relationships with both our carrier partners and forwarding partners in three places kept a bad situation from worsening.