Decades of experience

Companies founded with Customs brokerage at their core have the understanding and respect for the rules of not only Customs and Border Protection, but the other government agencies who play a role in the import supply chain. Whether understanding complex issues of origin or valuation, writing Customs for a binding classification or helping develop, write and implement an importer’s compliance manual, Coppersmith is your preferred Customs brokerage partner.

Coppersmith President Jeff Coppersmith has worked closely with Customs as a former President of the National Customs Brokers and Forwarders Association of America as well as a member of the Commercial Customs Operations Advisory Committee, or COAC. In both of these capacities, Jeff was instrumental in helping craft policy for Customs brokers and Customs regulations, offering our customers the chance to participate in pilot programs the agency would develop for the trade.

Customs regulatory expertise.

Customs regulations are complex. Classification, valuation, bilateral and multilateral trade agreements, country of origin; all of these things are important for Customs brokers and importers to have right when the goods are presented for entry. We understand how Customs works because we work with them around the country daily and meet regularly with them at their headquarters in Washington. Trust Coppersmith for all your Customs brokerage needs.

Expertly navigate Participating Government Agencies with ease.

Importers don’t only have to focus on Customs; their goods may also be subject to the approval of one of dozens of Participating Government Agencies, or PGA’s. These agencies include the Food and Drug Administration, Department of Transportation, Environmental Protection Agency, APHIS and more. For these goods, clearing Customs isn’t enough; the agencies must approve their admissibility as well. Coppersmith is your choice for smooth release of your goods by involved PGA’s.

Coppersmith knows and understands ACE completely.

CBP's Automated Commercial Environment is the system of record for importers and Customs brokers. Monitoring and managing an ACE portal account is critical as CBP moves communications and interactions away from paper and into a digital realm. Trust Coppersmith to manage your ACE Portal account, monitor for CBP inquiries and create and extract reports to understand and manage your import supply chain.
securityLicensed Customs brokers with a national permit to clear Customs at airport, seaport and land border crossings.
alphabet soupExperienced in the additional requirements for an alphabet soup collection of acronymed agencies.
Experienced in ACE and capable of managing reports and portals for importers and their communications with Customs.

Since 1948 the Coppersmith tradition of personalized service continues to put our customers first!

Customer For Life!

A new Coppersmith client approached us because they did not know how their chief competitor was able to import a similar product from an identical country and sell it for much less money.

We advised them that there could be any number of factors in play. Perhaps the goods were being sold for less than fair market value. They might be misdeclaring something illegally. Maybe they were using a different classification. When we reviewed the product and their documents, we discovered the previous Customs broker was classifying their goods at a far higher rate than was applicable. We not only changed the duty rate legally and made them price competitive, we also wrote Customs and demanded refunds for previous importations. Delivering the refund check to them that day was the day they became a customer for life.

From Local to Nationwide

Customs is now fully operational with their Centers for Excellence and Expertise, or CEE’s.

CBP’s Centers of Excellence and Expertise and the Automated Commercial Environment are working in tandem to automate the agency’s efforts to facilitate legitimate trade and identify bad actors. Being located in cities where many of the CEE’s have been stood up nationwide depending upon the commodity gives us a chance to interact with agencies not just virtually, but in person if the situation demands. The move from local to nationwide processing hasn’t impeded Coppersmith in our mission to provide exemplary Customs clearance services to importers.