Security is Everyone's Responsibility

Keeping your cargo safe and secure, along with maintaining the security of everyone working in the transportation, handling and delivery of your cargo is the highest responsibility we at Coppersmith have for our customers. We are CTPAT validated and certified and promote membership in this key voluntarily program to our customers and stakeholders. By taking a proactive approach to cargo security, such as the use of high security seals and container inspections, we and our customers remain in compliance and are granted access to additional benefits.

CTPAT Certified

We are CTPAT certified and encourage our customers and eligible partners to apply as well. The Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) is a voluntary supply chain security program led by U.S. Customs and Border Protection and focused on improving the security of private companies’ supply chains with respect to terrorism. Being CTPAT certified preemptively reduces time lost to delays and screenings as the pre-work for shipments has been finished and handled ahead of time, reducing surprises and rejections.

Cargo Security Across Modes

Coppersmith takes cargo safety seriously, whether participating in voluntary or mandatory security programs. For sea freight, we provide container screening, high security seals and a 7-point container security check. Taken together, this reduces pilferage and loss while in transit. Air freight is strictly regulated by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and cargo travels in locked or monitored vehicles and is screened prior to shipment.Our warehouses are monitored by cameras and motion sensors. We proactively train our staff on security awareness and techniques

Secure Partnerships

Our global network of partners, agents and carriers helps us to maintain security and remain in compliance with government requirements at home and abroad. We can check vendors and assist them with gaining the needed documentation so more of your supply chain is covered and protected during the journey. By creating a web of dedicated partners and shippers we reduce the chances for any incidents and mitigate delays from investigations. Our honor and safety is at stake and we take great pride in partnering with CBP to protect cargo and our country.
CTPATCTPAT membership affords importers benefits that expedite their cargo through the supply chain.
securitySecurity across modes increases safety and reduces pilferage.
SecuritySecurity is everyone’s responsibility and only by working together will we help meet CBP’s goal of the unimpeded movement of legitimate trade.

Since 1948 the Coppersmith tradition of personalized service continues to put our customers first!

We shoot, they score!

An importer with volumes exceeding 1,000 containers per year contacted us about one container that was especially hot for a client.

The product was for a sporting event giveaway that had been on the calendar and couldn’t be moved. The game was sold out and the fans were coming in large part because of the planned giveaway. CBP designated the container for an examination and it looked like it would take days that the client didn’t have. Their CTPAT membership allowed us to work with CBP to demonstrate previous exam results for identical commodities from the same manufacturer and get the container released. The giveaways were there, the stadium was full and the client was very happy.