Coronavirus Update: Coppersmith has you covered

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Once again our industry is deeply entrenched in the news. Normally, we’re happy to operate behind the scenes but as borders started closing and the US began restricting travel from the EU (and now the UK) all eyes are directly on our business.  There is no doubt that supply chains worldwide are being affected by virus uncertainties, leading to capacity and distribution disruptions.  Currently, air freight is being loaded on cargo-only carriers or routed through Canada, while ocean freight is slowed due to equipment imbalances and quarantines, while companies are working to protect both employees and customers from the resulting effects.

Here at Coppersmith, we want to reassure everyone that we’re here, in the office, ready to answer questions and offer guidance on your shipments, regardless of where this situation goes.  We’re asking our people and everyone to remain vigilant about their health and hygiene to do our part in flattening the exposure curve.  While most of our staff doesn’t have direct face to face contact with customers, the concern remains among employees and vendors that everyone may be at risk.  We understand this concern and are taking every care that anyone who needs time off for illness is fully supported by our team.  Our salespeople, who truly prefer giving a personal touch to their accounts are adopting a teleconference approach to be able to reassure our clients that we’re still here for them, even when we’re not there with them.  

While we’re disappointed that we haven’t been able to attend the trade shows we’re normally preparing for this time of year, we look forward to once again meeting our friends and associates personally as soon as this situation is resolved.  We’re all doing our best to share our industry insights during this time and hope to see more positive news coming in the near future.

If you have any questions or concerns, we’re available to talk with you and continue to manage any issues you may have regarding cargo.  So while the shipments are moving moving slower, the risks of well-planned transactions are greatly lessened by proactive information and careful coordination.  Thank you to everyone who’s working to see this pandemic end swiftly. 

We wish everyone a safe year and thank you for your continued support.