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After a tragic fire killed ten people in Urumqi, China when lockdown protocols trapped residents in the blaze, protestors are gathering in acts of civil disobedience against the government and their strict lockdown measures. Outbreaks in Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan and Chengdu have resulted in renewed efforts to restrict movement in the country both to curb the spread of coronavirus and avoid further unrest to complicate the situation. 


Apart from the protests, the regulations from the lockdowns are expected to cause some disruption to supply chains as social distancing, testing, travel and holiday restrictions start to choke the cities that are impacted. Truck movements are severely restricted as drivers face testing, delays and other problems crossing between areas to move cargo. While there is no concrete delay in shipping out of China at the moment, that is more due to a lack of export demand than any sign the lockdowns are unproblematic.


Shippers are encouraged to work with their logistics partners to ensure continuity of service if ports and transportation in China become disrupted. Despite pandemic issues in the past, many still haven’t looked into alternative options to secure inventory. The upending of the world economy in 2020 forced many proactive companies to adopt an entirely reactive strategy to just get through the worst of it and now talks of how to move forward successfully are critical to future accomplishments. 

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