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Rate hikes on ocean cargo aren’t the only pinch that forwarders are feeling this month; trucking rates are steadily climbing. Between capacity issues and a lack of drivers, the explosion of e-commerce during the pandemic is painfully straining an already stretched market. Disruption in the ocean market has unfurled to impact the rail, air, and truck sectors as shippers work frantically to secure rates, space, and service as capacity tightens. 

Both ad hoc and contract rates are climbing upward in the capacity crunch further complicating the process once a shipper can finally find a truck. Gone are the days of the same-day turnaround as waiting hours stretch to the horizon when trucks try to recover containers. Plans need to be made at least days, if not weeks in advance, and communication is key. 

Nothing currently is impossible for a company like Coppersmith – we’ve been doing this for almost eight decades. However, we need help from our customers. The more planning and notice that we have, the more flexibility we can pass on to truckers to fit appointments that are outside of a traditional schedule, and the more open you can be about routing and scheduling all work together as a strong shield against disruption. 

Nobody can guarantee that every shipment will move without a hiccup, but constant communication and an openness to creative solutions will give our customers their best chance to see their cargo move as scheduled. Coppersmith built a strong network of industry partners over our near-century in business, engaging a diverse group of providers to give our customers the best options available, especially during a tumultuous economic market. Our strong reputation and deep industry roots allow us to tap into resources that aren’t available to every forwarder. 

It’s our dedication to the success of our partnerships that we can deliver excellent service during this time. We’re working to solve industry-wide problems in every modality because our customers aren’t just carbon copies of each other. We have relationships with shippers facing the entire spectrum of difficulties apparent in logistics, but they know that having Coppersmith behind them gives them the best chance at success. 

If you want to know more about how having an industry elder can help you keep your cargo moving, contact your Coppersmith representative for more information. 

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