Shanghai delays – by the numbers

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In an effort to keep our readership up to date on the delays being caused by the shutdown that started in Shanghai and has now spread to other provinces and cities, Coppersmith has put together a few key numbers to monitor the situation. It’s our goal that we can update these statistics with alerts that either the trend has been resolved or an “at-a-glance” visual representation of the change. 

  • 3 – number of days that the lockdown was initially supposed to last.
  • 24 – number of days (& counting…) the lockdown has lasted. 
  • 506 – the number of vessels waiting for berth in China.
  • 27.7% – the percent of total waiting vessels on the planet that are waiting in China. 
  • 90% – the percentage reduction in truck capacity due to lockdowns.
  • 0.99 – the number of days ships spend at the Port of Shanghai after berth, according to the Chinese Minister of Trade.
  • 23% – the percent reduction in ocean container volumes from March 12.
  • 666 – the number of companies that were allowed to go back to work after April 18.
  • 19,000 – the number of newly confirmed cases in Shanghai this week.

As far as areas outside of Shanghai, many of the alternate air and seaports that received cargo diverted away from the lockdown are becoming overwhelmed and experiencing their own delays and quarantine spikes. Guangzhou, Shenzhen,  Zhengzhou, and Beijing are all showing signs of a struggle to keep up with the diverted cargo. 

Increasingly, the delays that are happening will give the US ports a chance to catch up and hopefully clear out any backlogs so they can adequately prepare for the tidal wave of cargo that will be coming once China moves out of the lockdowns. Until that point, equipment will continue to move further out of balance as containers return to China but get held up between unloading and reloading, delaying their return back into rotation. 

While we’re waiting for an update from overseas, we at Coppersmith are working hard to find ways to mitigate the delays from the lockdowns. After almost eight decades of logistics service, there are very few tricks that we haven’t tried. For the most creative solutions, built on a solid foundation of expertise, let Coppersmith help guide you through this difficult situation.