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On March 19th, 2024, the Agriculture Marketing Services (AMS) National Organics Program (NOP) becomes mandatory. For the importation of products indicating organic, the importer must have a copy of the certified organic import certificate issued to the exporter/manufacturer. 

The entities that must be certified based on their handling of the organic products:

  • 1.       U.S. Importers (organic certification required to be listed on the NOP import certificate.)
  • 2.       Foreign Exporters
  • 3.       Processors of an organic product
  • 4.       Operations that package the product
  • 5.       Warehouses that store bulk or unpackaged organic products
  • 6.       Others who “handle” the organic products, such as food brokers or sellers

There are 6,120 HTS codes flagged for the AMS organic program (AM7 message set may be required & AM8 message set required). 

In order to claim, sell, or market products as organic, a USDA Organic certificate must be provided (electronic or paper).

This information will be required as of next week.  Importers must supply Coppersmith with a copy of their NOP Certificate or advise of the e-certificate number as they retain the hard copy for future audit by the USDA). 

If you have questions or concerns regarding the AMS NOP, contact your Coppersmith representative for assistance.

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