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As Lunar New Year approaches, the logistics industry is feeling the crunch! The demand for transportation services spikes as businesses rush to ensure that their products are ready for the two-week shutdown in observance of the Spring Festival. Companies must act fast and confirm they have the resources necessary to meet this sudden surge in delivery volumes. With Coppersmith, you can rest assured that your logistics needs are taken care of. Our team is well-equipped to handle the hectic demands of Lunar New Year, and we have you covered with our knowledgeable staff and state-of-the-art transportation services.


At Coppersmith, we understand that every holiday has unique transport requirements, and Lunar New Year is no exception. With decades of experience in the logistics industry, our experts are well-versed in all aspects of logistics management and can provide tailored solutions that meet your needs. We’ll ensure you have everything you need to ensure a prosperous Year of the Rabbit – from timely delivery services to reliable storage capabilities.


This year, the Year of the Rabbit, brings bounty, confidence and an excellent year for those who enjoy working with projects that require attention to detail, something the logistics industry needs in our professionals. The fourth animal in the Chinese Zodiac calendar, Rabbits are lucky signs representing yin, or calm influence on those born under the sign. Unfortunately, in Chinese Astrology, the animal of the year won’t have an auspicious time in their designated year, but even in an inauspicious time, rabbits are still making forward progress and offering abundant opportunities for those born under other signs. 


Your Coppersmith representative is committed to providing you with the best possible service and support for your transpacific cargo needs. From start to finish, our team will be there to guide you through every step of the process – from picking up your products to delivering them on time, safely, and securely. Let’s make this Lunar New Year a success – contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive logistics solutions.


With Coppersmith as your trusted 3PL partner, we’ll ensure your cargo strategy is fully prepared for the Lunar New Year. We’ll help you navigate this busy season with ease, providing unparalleled service and ultimate peace of mind. Contact us today to learn more about our logistics solutions – and let us make your Lunar New Year celebrations go off without a hitch!


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