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 Coppersmith is still going strong despite the COVID pandemic.

The news of the COVID vaccine rollout has taken over the attention of the world as doses in frozen containers packed with dry ice march across the television screen in videos of the first sticks going to essential workers and vulnerable patients. Soon, we hope to see the frontline workers in the logistics sector start to receive their vaccines as they’re working around the clock to ensure supply chains keep these critical shipments moving around the world.

Already, the FAA has approved pilots as essential personnel who will received the first doses of the vaccine and requests to immunize port workers are asking for the same consideration, especially with the state of the ports in the midst of the import surge arriving every day. It has spoken to us, as professionals in this industry, about how important the work we do everyday actually is, in a global scheme. Even if we’re just shipping a carton of stuffed animals to brighten a child’s day, we’re involved in a network that seeks to connect people and ideas across all borders.

All offices remain open and fully staffed

As a company now in our 73rd year in business, we have been working throughout the pandemic. 

Now, more than ever, we feel our business is essential to keeping food on the shelves and tables, getting PPE into the hands of health providers, supplying materials to builders creating housing and supplying products for everyday needs of all Americans. 

Several of our employees work remotely to either protect themselves or their families during the pandemic.  At the same time, our offices remain a “safe space” for employees with ongoing cleaning protocols and appropriate spacing for social distancing.  We are here to support our customers during these difficult times of unforeseen challenges.  Our camaraderie within our company enables our staff to build their knowledge base from experienced employees across the country, by sharing situations and solutions that help everyone learn and grow. 

We look forward to meeting with customers soon to show them the services and programs we have been developing throughout 2020.  Stay safe and know that Coppersmith is here to help.

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