Coppersmith – the only USDA Approved Warehouse in Illinois.

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Becoming a USDA Approved Warehouse isn’t an easy process. Coppersmith Chicago Branch Manager Lisa Gingerich worked diligently through the paperwork, process development and area designations needed for approval. She then began cataloging procedures that Coppersmith would use for spills or bugs.

“It really just assures the ease of clearance through Agricultures inspections.  We already have a very good relationship with Agriculture here in Chicago so this will only enhance the ‘trust factor’ in knowing that what we’re clearing for clients is being done thoroughly and “regulated” so to speak under a very watchful eye,” Lisa explains.

Coppersmith believes that animal trophy clients whose shipments are routed through other ports such as NY or Newark (incredibly difficult to clear Agriculture unless it’s moving to an approved warehouse) should now clear much quicker than the 2-3 weeks that it’s been in the past.  Any trophy shipments that come through in general should move through quicker. As the only Approved Warehouse in Illinois, Coppersmith hopes to ultimately be able to arrange with Agriculture to allow shipments to be moved to the Coppersmith warehouse immediately after arriving. Agriculture could then do the inspections at Coppersmith’s warehouse, saving the importer storage fees and further speeding up the import process.

Our goal is to make the import and inspection process as painless as possible for our customers. This approval will help continuously improve our ability to serve our clients faster and with a greater value. If you are planning a trip and would like to discuss importing any hunting trophies obtained on your trip, we encourage you to reach out to your Coppersmith representative for more information on how we can assist you.