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The goal of a forward-thinking, proactive forwarder is to make the process of importing and exporting easier for our clients. That responsibility isn’t limited to just the shipping and documentation – at Coppersmith, we believe that any steps we can take to make our clients’ lives more efficient are beneficial. This outlook makes us proud to announce that you can now pay your Coppersmith bill electronically with PayCargo

Simple, secure, and rapid, PayCargo and Coppersmith are committed to providing safe payment options for our clients. We understand that as automation grows and more people are moving money around, the chance of error or hacking grows. We chose PayCargo due to its long history of superior service and security-first commitment to the logistics industry. 

PayCargo is the number one financial platform for moving money and vital remittance information between payers and vendors in the logistics industry. Their online solution allows us to move cargo faster and reduce delays more than any other platform available.

There is a place on the homepage along the bottom of the hero image where you can click Ship & Pay to go straight to our PayCargo link.

If you need to pay your bill, go to our website, click the Customer Area drop-down menu, choose Make A Payment, Click the Ship & Pay button and you’ll be taken directly to the Coppersmith PayCargo portal. It’s easy, safe, and avoids cargo delays or lengthy waits for money to transfer between parties. Every moment saved is critical in the current supply chain disruptions and Coppersmith is committed to helping you avoid that. 

We are only as strong as our weakest link, both in our company and in those companies we choose to use as vendors and partners. Believing in PayCargo, their technology, team, and the efficiency they bring to Coppersmith. As the leading logistics payment platform, PayCargo’s impact goes beyond making and receiving payments – it helps our business be more effective, too. Coppersmith is glad to pass that efficiency onto our clients in our everyday service. 

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