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Coppersmith isn’t afraid to step outside the abilities of a traditional forwarder. We understand that our clients have other needs that extend past the air freight or security concerns and we’re always looking for ways to help streamline your shipping processes. From innovative warehouse and inventory plans and cargo insurance to protect each shipment to domestic shipment questions, Coppersmith can see the web of connected needs. Stepping in when you need us to manage inventory or consult on Customs issues and classifications, we are happiest acting as an advocate for your unique situation. We want to create real-world, applicable solutions that save you time, money and effort so you can see results immediately.

Warehousing, in-bond and Customs cleared.

Coppersmith can help with your warehousing needs by offering an assortment of storage, pick and pack, and inventory solutions for a variety of situations. Whether you need a fully managed inventory process or a small carton delivery for pick and pack shipments, we can help to streamline your shipments and processes to add value into your shipping model. Our ability to warehouse cargo is not limited to domestic, Customs cleared cargo. We operate bonded warehouses for in-bond cargo and cargo entered for warehouse entry. We can even assist in managing goods entered into a Foreign Trade Zone.

Nationwide domestic distribution.

Coppersmith offers a full domestic service platform for your shipments remaining or moving within the United States. We work with truck and rail companies to move LTL, trailer-load and intermodal cargo around the country. We can ship domestic air freight within the United States. We have the capability to offer domestic overweight and over-dimensional over-the-road trucking. With door to door pick up and delivery, quality assurance and available tracking and tracing, your domestic cargo is safe and on time every shipment we make.

Consulting solutions and cargo insurance.

Cargo insurance protects your shipments from damage, pilferage, and other associated risks. Coppersmith offers insurance solutions tailored to your needs for every shipment. We can work with you to prevent and protect your cargo from myriad issues that can go wrong. In addition to insurance, we offer consulting services to innovate and synergize your supply chain. With authorization, Coppersmith can monitor and maintain an importer’s ACE portal. We work with companies to analyze Customs and transport data, providing information that proves pivotal in making buying decisions and aiding landed cost calculations. We offer additional consulting services for Customs classification, compliance manual authoring, C-TPAT acceptance and revalidation and a host of other bespoke offerings. Contact Coppersmith for more information.

Since 1948 the Coppersmith tradition of personalized service continues to put our customers first!

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Getting to know our customers is what Coppersmith does best. One client who was using our open cargo marine policy remarked that they were constantly paying cargo insurance premiums but (thankfully) never had a claim for loss or damage. They asked if there was a way that given their excellent track record with the carrier and the durability of their merchandise if we could help them secure a lower rate. Working with the insurance underwriter, we secured a specific rate for the client based on their trade lanes, commodity and carrier choices. Together with our insurer, we delivered a tailored, money-saving solution to a company who took their part of the supply chain seriously as well.

70 Years of Experience

A client who was transitioning from a distributor model to a direct fulfillment model approached Coppersmith to ask how we could assist them in this transition. The client was already using our freight forwarding and Customs brokerage services, so we had full visibility and a complete breakdown of their cargo down to the SKU level. Working together, we identified the best geographic locations nearest their clients to take advantage of short transit times and the reduced costs they offered. They connected their e-Commerce system to our warehousing system, allowing us to receive orders and ship on their behalf. The savings yielded low double-digit growth in the first year of the program.

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