Section 301 duties from China – Three lists and an escape hatch

Following the determination that China has been acting unfairly in their trade dealings with the United States, the US Trade Representative took action and published a list of more than 1300 HTS numbers that would be subject to an additional 25% duty. After public hearings and a comment period, that list came into force on

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US, China, trade retaliatory trade actions

Today, June 15th, the Office of the US Trade Representative announced that beginning July 6th, CBP would  collect 25% duty on a list of just over 1100 HTS numbers from China. The agency produced its first list at the end of April and after hearings and public comment, removed several hundred numbers from the list.

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Trade actions and agreements – Where are we today?

It is the beginning of April, 2018, and the United States has a number of active trade initiatives that are underway. Some are commodity based, like steel and aluminum, others are bilateral, such as the escalating tariff-for-tat with China, while others are more outcome focused on issues like the Korea – U.S. Free Trade Agreement

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